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The Management of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: Are We at a Crossroad?

During this webinar, our three speakers, Professor Anna Falanga, Dr. Florian Scottè, and Dr. Luis Jara Palomares, discussed:

• The coagulopathy and the management of thrombosis in both cancer and COVID-19 patients
• The latest discoveries in CAT management
• And the role of thrombosis burden in patients with cancer

Recording and slides are available for our community members.






If you have missed our webinar or want to re-watch it, here are the event recording and our speakers’ slides. Enjoy!

Webinar recording:

“The Management of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: Are We at a Crossroad?”

Professor Falanga’s presentation:

“Cancer Thrombosis and COVID-19”

Dr. Scotté’s presentation:

“Cancer-Associated Thrombosis Management: is there any change?”

Dr. Jara Palomares’s presentation:

“Impact of Venous Thromboembolic Disease in Patients with Cancer”

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