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CAT management: challenges in different cancer populations




Our speakers, Walter Ageno, Florian Scotté, and Darko Antic, shared some insights on cancer-associated thrombosis management, focusing on different cancer populations.

They talked about:

  • Management & safety considerations for cancer sub-populations
  • Update to AFSOS* guidelines
  • Differences in the management of thrombosis in hematological cancer vs. solid tumors

Jamie O’Sullivan chaired this event


*Association Francophone des Soins Oncologiques de Support

If you have missed our webinar or want to re-watch it, here are the event recording and our speakers’ slides. Enjoy!

ICTHIC Webinar recording:

Prof. Ageno’s presentation: “Cancer sub-populations: management & safety considerations.”

Prof. Scotté’s presentation: “AFSOS guidelines: the most recent updates.”

Prof. Antic’s presentation: “Thrombosis management in hematological cancer vs. solid tumors: what are the differences?”



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