Cancer's Achilles heel exposed

Centriole amplification and centriole size deregulation are a recurrent feature of cancer cells, a screening of the NCI-60 panel of human cancer cell lines has shown.

The experiments, whose results were published in Nature Communications, demonstrated that severe centriole over-elongation can promote amplification through centriole fragmentation and topic procentriole formation.

It was also shown that overly long centrioles form over-active centrosomes that nucleate more microtubules, a known cause of invasiveness, and perturb chromosome segregation. 

The screen has identified novel causes and consequences of these abnormalities.

Please bear with us, an analysis of the research by Prof. Lyman will be published on our site soon.


Marteil G, Guerrero A, Vieira AF et al. Over-elongation of centrioles in cancer promotes centriole amplification and chromosome missegregation. Nature Communications 2018;doi:10.1038/s41467-018-03641-x


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